Foreign spies detained by the KGB

American and English spies who worked as diplomats in the USSR. They were exposed during the trial of spies Vinno and Penkovsky.
American spy-diplomat Smith and his equipment. Smith was unmasked while he was attempting to photograph a military installation.
The American spy R. Moroz did not live up to his masters’ expectations. He has come to repent and testify.
American agent Agafonov. Detected and captured soon after being sent to the USSR.
Japanese tourist-intelligence officer Utikawa and his equipment.

Vinn, an English merchant, exposed for spying against the USSR (Vinn has the last word at his trial).

Ments Werner, a German, unmasked as an American intelligence agent. On the instructions of his masters, he was trying to collect data on Soviet army units stationed in Potsdam.
Reidon and de Jacher’s ‘tourist’ itinerary. The Dutch tourists-spies Everett Bertold Reidon and Lou de Jacher used every opportunity to gather intelligence while travelling in the Ukrainian SSR. They photographed military facilities, interacted with Soviet citizens, and tried to extract state secrets.
Photograph of a convoy of passing military vehicles taken by spy-tourist de Jacher.

Tourist-Spy McKinnon’s Reconnaissance Route.

Photograph shows spies Sontag and Naumann giving evidence in court.
Schaffhauser, a tourist from the Federal Republic of Germany. Sent to the USSR foreign organisation NTS with anti-Soviet press. Photograph shows Schaffhauzer in court.

NTS (НТС) – Russian Alliance of Russian Solidarist, a Russian diaspora organisation active abroad. Its main objective was to overthrow the Communist government.

Anti-Soviet press hidden in cigarettes.

American U-2 reconnaissance aircraft. One of these planes, piloted by Powers, trespassed into the Soviet territory in 1960, but was shot down by Soviet missiles in the Sverdlovsk area.

Pilot Powers near the U-2 wreckage.