Spy guns seized by the KGB

French-made roulette pistol and folding dagger.

Wadie brand pistol, pen and pencil guns with various chemical cartridges.

A pistol attached to the upper part of a glove. This was the weapon used by imperialist intelligence agencies to equip their agents who illegally crossed the border or who were tasked to secretly enter a protected facility. The pistol is triggered by a blow to the chest or back of a border guard or armed security guard.

Panzerknacker – a small barrel with leather straps attached to the right arm, hidden in a sleeve. The jet charge in the tube is fired by connecting the hidden wires of an electric battery. The projectile was capable of penetrating steel armour up to 30 mm thick. Intended to be used against passengers travelling in armoured vehicles.

Panzerknacker special apparatus for terrorist attacks.

Silent machine guns and pistols.

Arms recovered from detained spies.

Weapons, money and various espionage tools recovered from detained spies.